Updated at 18:18 of May 12, 2020
We are happy to inform all the customer of our testing center services that the offices arenow open and we are delivering certification tests conforming to the regulations.

With referrence to the current state of emergency due to COVID19 , with reference to the Prime Minister Council degree (DPCM) of Aprill 26 and it's rules applicable between May 4 ant May 17 and witn reference to Lombardy Region Decree n. 539 of May 3 2020 with speciffic rules for our region, our company PROW SRL, VATID10234420155, in reference to the office in Milano, Via Giovanni Aurispa 7 informs our customers that:

If any of the forementioned condition is not met, the candidate will be refused access and PROW SRL personell will open an indicent and notify PSI/VUE of the issue that will then be rescheduled for free. The candidati will have to contact PSI/VUE to reschedule the appointment at a later date.

If the registration website does not show any available seat for your exam, for any other reason you are not allowed to register or for any further question contact us calling 0236505304 or via email